The use of silica gel desiccant bags provides an economic way to protect against moisture damage during transit and storage. These bags are filled with non-indicating beaded silica gel desiccant with capacities ranging from 1g to 500g.

Humidity adsorbing bags are a low cost option to protect goods against humidity damage during transportation by air, land or sea

Humidity adsorbing bags are available in a range of sizes and can be filled in oversize bags to allow the bags to be folded and located in restrictive spaces and locations. The bags are robust and can withstand rough handling during transit.

Silica Gel desiccant is synthetically produced from sodium silicate and has an adsorption capacity of approximately 25% (by weight) at a relative humidity of 50% at 25°C.

Silica gel bags are ideal for general packaging applications, electrical/electronic enclosures and communications equipment.

Alternative desiccants are available including molecular sieves, activated clay and alumina. A combination of adsorbents can also be supplied which enables humidity adsorption capacities of up to 200% by weight. This makes them suitable for use in 20 and 40 foot containers being used to transport goods worldwide.

The addition of a colour change indicator card will provide a visual indication of relative humidity level within the packaging or enclosure. This provides an important check to ensure that the desiccant is still active.