Brownell has developed moisture adsorbing polymer with the versatility to be tailor shaped and fixed as a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags in preventing condensation within virtually any product or packaging economically and efficiently.

This sheet-form desiccating agent can be easily cut, formed, punched, shaped and thermo-formed or may be supplied in a standard 200 x 200 mm board size to meet user requirements.  It ensures an excellent level of clean drying in a wide variety of products from electronics, machinery, optics and instruments to pharmaceuticals and food.

Low dusting, with no risk of loose desiccants from broken bags, the board is not water soluble.  Uniform in thickness and easy to pack, it is non-corrosive and non-deliquescent and even provides a printable surface.

By allowing complex shaping, pliability and mechanical fixing, this humidity adsorbing board helps ensure maximum space occupancy, which is increasingly demanded of moisture protection by product miniaturisation, often with placement as part of the production process.