Brownell has introduced the Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator as an alternative to paper and chemical colour based indicators, suited for more specific applications.

The new Electronic Humidity Indicator uses a polymer humidity sensor combined with temperature sensor to provide a digital display reading of relative humidity, ambient temperature and dewpoint. The membrane press switch activates the three readings in sequence.

The level of accuracy of the values provided by electronic indicator is very high, therefore it offers an immediate advantage when tight and periodical checks are required.

A simultaneous monitoring of these three parameters is important when handling delicate components.

The electronic RH indicator removes the uncertainty between dewpoint and ambient temperature. Dewpoint is an absolute measure and is not influenced by temperature.

Dewpoint indicates the temperature to which the system or instrument can be cooled before condensation (or frost) will occur.  This qualifies dewpoint as a quality control standard for specify an operating performance for systems and instruments.

The values of relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point can be stored over a period of 6 months. The option “data logging” is available under request.

Tests conducted on the product proved that the indicator can withstand a pressure 80 psi.

The Electronic Indicator is mounted in a robust IP67 enclosure and the operational battery life is typically 5 years. Optional thread mounting or bulkhead flange fixing is available.

The operating range of the electronic relative humidity indicator is 5 to 90%RH, -20oC to +15oC dewpoint and -20oC to 60oC temperature.

Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator