Electronic enclosures and transit cases are often required to operate in challenging harsh and aggressive environments, these include high & low temperature, extreme humidity and over pressure. Fitting a splash proof breather can help eliminate the problems created by these events. Splash proof breathers also provide protection from driving rain, water splashing and even jet washing.

Splash proof breathers can be used to allow any pressure differential to equalise, preventing distortion of the enclosure or transit case enabling lightweight design and construction.

They have a sintered inlet filter which will offer protection from sand, dust, dirt and insects. If inlet moisture control is required, a desiccant adsorber cartridge may be fitted to control condensation and corrosion.

Splash proof breathers can protect enclosures and transit cases with operating volumes of up to 500 litres. They are even suitable for air transportation in commercial aircraft. Other material options include stainless steel, aluminum and plastics to suit the most aggressive applications.