Transformer breathers eliminate the problems caused by moisture laden air being drawn into electricity transformers during their operation. These problems include a break down of the insulating properties of oil, caused by too higher moisture concentration. Moisture in the oil will then in turn contaminate the insulating paper in the transformer. 

Brownell transformer breathers use a two way valve system instead of the old oil seal bowl method. This reduces the need to handle small quantities of oil. Other problems associated with oil seal bowls are the oil evaporating and being adsorbed onto the desiccant and damaging the colour change mechanism.

These breathers are filled with self-indicating Envirogel adsorbent. A cartridge design enables an operator to change out in a matter of minutes. This minimises maintenance by eliminating the need to empty and replace adsorbent on site, which is often a difficult task particularly in bad weather conditions.

Envirogel is a safe and environmentally friendly adsorbent that changes colour when it reaches the required maximum moisture concentration levels in transformers. Exhausted cartridge contents subsequently can be recharged many times for future use with adsorbent reactivators.