25 Kilogram Envirogel Refill

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25 Kilogram Envirogel Refill



A desiccant is a moisture adsorbing material that can create or maintain a dry environment or gas stream.
Silica gel, activated clay or molecular sieves are the most common desiccants. The applications in which they
are used include: Double glazing, pharmaceuticals, process drying, electricity transformers, semi-conductor packaging right down to a new pair of shoes.

Key Features:

  • Selective adsorption
  • Ultra low moisture concentration
  • Low dusting
  • High capacity
  • Saturation indication
  • Uniform flow distribution
  • Odour adsorption


  • 500g – 170kg commercial containers
  • Big Bags (900-1000kg)
  • Shelf life special packaging
  • Re-useable /Recyclable packaging

Use of Desiccants

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