Silica Gel Bag - BLD11275/07

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Silica Gel Bag 100g



Desiccant Bags

The use of desiccant bags provides an economic way to protect against moisture damage during transit and storage. Humidity adsorbing bags are a low cost option to protect goods against humidity damage during transportation by air, land or sea. Various desiccants are available including ENVIROGEL and molecular sieves. The addition of a colour change indicator card will provide a visual indication of relative humidity level within the packaging or enclosure. This provides an important check to ensure that the
desiccant is active.


  • General packaging 
  • Transit containers 
  • Shipping containers 
  • Instrumental enclosures 
  • Exporting packaging

Key Features:

  • Range from 0.5g to 2,500g 
  • Packaged in re-sealable containers 
  • Shelf life up to 2 years 
  • Operating temperature –50°C to +80°C 
  • Adsorption capacity up to 25% @ 50% Rh 
  • Ability to maintain low relative humidity 
  • Rapid adsorption performance

Desiccant Bag Options

Silica Gel Bags
Molecular Sieve Bags
Activated Clay
Ultra Clean
Container Dri II 


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