1Kg Activated Carbon

Short Description

3mm Pellets


Activated Carbon pellets are used to extract hydrocarbon vapours and control odours in industrial applications for the purification of gas or air.

Activated Carbon is produced from materials such as lignite coal, wood and coconut shells. The chemical activation process used involves exposure to steam and oxygen. This generates a porous structure of the adsorbent material, which produces a larger surface area to attract and hold hydrocarbon vapours to its carbon atom particles.

Activated Carbon has many benefits due to its micro-porous structure, which has an internal surface area range of 800 to 1200m2/g. This increases the adsorption capacity and efficiency rate of the material.

Typical Applications

Emission control during tank ventilation & industrial applications, filters in compressed air, industrial air filtration, removal of exhaust fumes and odour removal.

Product Specification

Material: Activated Carbon Desiccant

Desiccant Size: 3mm Pellet

Pack Size: 1kg

Quantity: 1 Unit

Shelf life: 12 Months

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