BLD12420 - Transformer Breather Adaptor Case Set

Short Description

Transformer Breather Adaptor Case Set.


Transformers that are supplied from international countries can have some obscure desiccant breathers supplied on them.

Brownell has compiled a range of adaptors to allow an easy retrofit to our products, thus enabling our customers to easily refill or replace with a new standard breather which is readily available from the UK.

We have produced a case of standard adaptors which is supplied under part number BLD12420 (see image and adaptor list document), this has been designed for engineers who are visiting various sites and need to determine which adaptor they may need to replace the breathers, once identified they can either change the unit their and then, saving a further visit to site, or order the necessary parts from us to enable them to change it out at a later, more convenient date.

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