BLD2771/10-18 - Desiccant Refills

Short Description

Desiccant Refills - Beaded Silica Gel 5g to 400g


Desiccant Refill - Beaded Silica Gel 5g to 400g
DRG. No.Desiccant TypeWeightNSN No.
BLD2771/10Beaded Silica Gel5g6850-99-649-3441
BLD2771/11Beaded Silica Gel10g6850-99-225-3320
BLD2771/12Beaded Silica Gel20g6850-99-717-7095
BLD2771/13Beaded Silica Gel40g4440-99-224-6241
BLD2771/14Beaded Silica Gel60g6850-99-649-0448
BLD2771/15Beaded Silica Gel100g6850-99-225-3321
BLD2771/16Beaded Silica Gel200g4440-99-225-3322
BLD2771/17Beaded Silica Gel300g4440-99-225-3323
BLD2771/18Beaded Silica Gel400g4440-99-225-3324

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