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Protects from damp, corrosion, condensation and odours


When it’s time to unpack the valuables you stored during the summer, obviously you wish you could find them in the same conditions as you saw them the last time! If not properly packed, your items can be heavily damaged by the presence of damp, mould and mildew.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience caused by the humidity in the air, it is advisable to store valuable goods with silica gel. Dryshield includes two 250g-silica gel bags packed individually, with a heavy-duty polybag and two cable ties. A humidity indicator card placed inside the bag will also allow you to visually monitor the humidity conditions inside the plastic bag. The size of the desiccant bag depends on the type of the object that has to be preserved. Also the ambient conditions, in particular the humidity level. So you can choose to use one or both silica gel bags.

It is extremely important that the bag is properly sealed in order to allow the desiccant bag to adsorb the moisture and preserve the goods. In addition, in order to enhance storage conditions, Brownell recommends cleaning the items prior to storage.

Dryshield is designed for general purpose to protect from damp, ideal for storing guns, shoes, books and valuable electronic equipment, such as cameras and laptops.

By being prudent, you will prolong the life of your equipment.

  • Protects from damp, corrosion, condensation and odours
  • Contains 2 medium silica gel sachets (250g), 1 humidity indicator card, 2 cable ties and a heavy-duty bag (18”x24”x500g)
  • The 2 silica gel sachets are packed individually

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