Desiccant Reactivation Unit

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Desiccant Reactivation Unit is a purpose designed equipment for the recovery of saturated Silica Gel / Envirogel.


2 Desiccant Reactivation Unit is a purpose designed equipment for the recover of saturated silica gel / Envirogel.

Simplicity and efficient operation are the key features of the Series 2 Desiccant Reactivation Unit with its ability to process up to 25 kilograms of saturated silica gel from one cycle.

The Series 2 Desiccant Reactivation unit is operate4d from a standard mains electricity output to power the three kilo-watt beaters.

A forced air circulation ensures the evaporating moisture is transported from the desiccant.

The temperature monitoring and control instruments the of series 2 desiccant reactivation unit are a unique feature and provide precise reactivation management to ensure maximum reactivation efficiency.

The input reactivation temperature control is user settable and includes a constant readout of the input heat energy.

An accurate located output temperature monitor indicates the progress of the reactivation process through the desiccant bed.

When the output temperature nears the inlet temperature effective reactivation is complete.

The Series 2 Desiccant Reactivation units are mounted on wheeled eastors for easy placement in a workshop or on site.

The inner desiccant holder is removable fro emptying and loading the silica gel.


  • Maximum Silica Gel Capacity: 25 kilogram
  • Electrical Supply: 240 Volts 50 Hz, 3 Kilowatts.
  • Maximum reactivation temperature 105C
  • Reactivation air flow (typical): 200 Litres/minutes.
  • Elapsed time indicator: Event and total hours run
  • Colour and construction: Grey painted mild steel
  • Weight: 75 kilograms.
  • Dims (mm): 1055 (Height) 508 (Depth) 660 (Width)

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