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DRYDISK - Indicating Silica Gel (Envirogel)


DRYDISK is a compact easy to use moisture adsorber and humidity controller which provides increased protection against the damaging effects of water vapour on sensitive products. DRYDISK is the robust and practical alternative to desiccant bags, particularly suited for domestic applications.

The impact resistant polycarbonate disk is available in a convenient size (80mm diameter x 15mm thickness) and it is filled with 35 grams of low dusting and environmentally friendly indicating silica gel Envirogel. Envirogel is a good general purpose desiccant capable of adsorbing more than 25% of its weight of water but is very effective if operating in an enclosed environment. Another advantage is represented by the fact that indicating silica gel allows easily checking on your storage and can be easily monitored. In fact, the desiccant colour change from orange to green is a clear signal that the desiccant is saturated and need to be reactivated. DRYDISK can be reactivated easily by simply placing the disk in an electric oven at a temperature of approximately 90ºC for 2-3 hours.

Silica gel is the most commonly used moisture adsorbent and it is particularly indicated for electronics or equipment containing electronic parts.

The great advantage of DRYDISK is the vast number of applications for this product. It can be used for protecting various applications against corrosion, mould and condensation, including valuables electronic equipment, storages bags/boxes, cameras, tools and all humidity sensitive products.


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