Moisture Adsorbing Board

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MAB - PEB100

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Moisture Adsorbing Board is a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags for applications where space is limited. The narrow thickness of the board allows it to access apertures which would be inaccessible to desiccant bags.

Moisture Adsorbing Board can be cut to any size for easy installation and fixing.

Moisture Adsorbing Board is available in a standard sheet size of 295mm x 210mm x 1.6mm or can be cut, punched or formed to meet customer's specific requirements.


  • Can be cut or punched to produce specific shapes or sizes
  • 3D thermo forming is possible
  • Uniform in thickness and easy to pack
  • No loose desiccants due to broken bags
  • Suitable for automatic filling in packing process
  • Not water-soluble, corrosive or deliquescent
  • Easily fixed by mechanical retention
  • No dust produced as it is contained in a plastic sheet
  • Moderate to long term hygroscopicity
  • Printable sheet surface

An attractive solution for moisture protection

When the ambient temperature drops below the DewPoint, air is saturated and water vapour present in the air turns into its liquid state. Formation of condensation is the cause of several systems failure, dramatically reducing the performance and reliability of electronic instruments. Effective protection from moisture is dependent on the selection of the adequate humidity control device.

Moisture Adsorbing Board offers a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags.

The first great advantage of these sheet-form desiccant agents is represented by its ability to fit limited spaces.  Furthermore, it prevents contamination deriving from desiccant dust, maintaining a clean external environment.

The Moisture Adsorbing Board is available in a standard 295mm x 210mm x 1.6mm sheet size or in the dimensions of a A4 sheet. The board can be also shaped and punched according to the user requirements.

The applications of the Moisture Adsorbing Board include anything that requires protection from moisture and a high level of clean drying where the space available is limited, such as sophisticated electronic components.


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