BLD11785 - Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer (VMAP)

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Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer Sheet 150mm x 150mm x 1.6mm


VMAP Sheet 150mm x 150mm x 1.6mm

VMAP is a polymer based adsorbent material which has been developed by Brownell. The combination of polymers and adsorbent desiccants has produced a new range of materials that are capable of adsorbing moisture, odours and organic volatiles.

VMAP can be moulded and machined to suit applications where complex shapes are required to occupy the available space. The structure can be readily fixed in place, using screw fasteners, adhesives or other mechanical retention methods. The ability to mould and machine the material makes it practical for low and high volume production quantities, and allows for low cost prototypes to be produced.

Typical applications include, electronic, electrical, optical, telecommunications equipment, and packaging.


Desiccants can be mouldable

VMAP combines the adsorbent desiccant molecular sieves (60%) with polymers (40%) in order to have a “mouldable” desiccant, a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags if the   space available is limited. VMAP is injection-moulded; therefore it can be shaped in complex geometries providing maximum space utilisation.

VMAP gives the adequate moisture protection and it is able to adsorb also odours and volatile organic compounds. In addition, it avoids the risk of fibre loss and desiccant dust contamination. VMAP is perfectly suitable for electronic and optic applications, where it is required a high level of cleanliness. The operating temperature ranges from  to .

The controlled adsorption properties of the VMAP prolong life of the desiccant. This product is optimised for long time frame operations, where the component needs to be protected for a really long time; hence reducing maintenance costs.


Read more about VMAP applications here


  • Can moulded and machined to produce specific shapes
  • Ideal for both low and high production quantities
  • Low cost prototypes
  • Easily fixed by mechanical retention or adhesive
  • High adsorption capacity
  • Low dusting and particle loss
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Can be reactivated

Please note that VMAP lead time is between 1-3 days depending on the order size

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