ProDriPole Container Desiccant

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Short Description

ProDriPole is a 1.4Kg container desiccant with a capacity of up to 2000ml of adsorbed water.


ProDriPole is designed to provide maximum protection from moisture for up to 6 months. ProDriPole uses Calcium Chloride as a desiccant which allows it to adsorb more than 200% of its own weight. Calcium Chloride can work in relatively open environments and therefore does not need to be contained in a hermetically closed environment as conventional silica gel desiccant.

Due to its particular design, ProDriPole can be hung and fits perfectly in the pleatings of ISO 20ft and 40ft containers. Generally 4-6 poles are required for 20ft containers and 6-12 poles for 40ft containers. The number of poles required can vary according to the length of the transit, prevailing conditions and type of cargo.

ProDriPole is also used as a humidity control tool in a variety of other applications, such as in boat cabins, caravan and motorhomes during storage.

Typical Shipping Applications

  • Chemical

  • Textiles & Leather

  • Plastics, metal & glass

  • Canned food

  • Automotive

  • Machinery

  • Household goods &personal belongings

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