Reactrans Automatic Transformer Breather Reactrans Automatic Transformer Breather
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Short Description

Automatic Transformer Breather - Desiccant Reactivator Unit


Brownell Limited has developed a range of intelligent breathers for oil filled transformers which are designed to constantly maintain the correct environmental conditions and balance.
The REACTRANS is a maintenance free breather which automatically regenerates the desiccant when the Humidity is too high in the desiccant container.

Protection against:

  • High humidity 

  • Water condensation 

  • Pressure variations 

  • Dielectric loss 

  • Mould growth 

  • Outgassing

Technical Key Features:

  • Easy installation

  • Compact design

  • Intelligent control

  • Minimal energy consumption

  • Maintenance free

  • All weather protection

  • Telemetry option

  • Up to 90000 litre oil capacity

  • Floor mounting option

  • Maximum adsorbent efficiency

  • Non condensation operation

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