TA595 - Access Port

TA595 TA595
TA595 TA595
TA595 TA595
TA595 TA595
BLD8148 BLD8148
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Short Description

5" Large Access Port


These Access Ports provide access to desiccant, data, accessory storage areas or for diagnostic testing of contents in containers, eliminating the labor of opening the container and reducing the exposure of the contents to hostile environments. In addition, they can be used as temporary through-holes for cabling and tubing.

This larger version of our time-tested TA495 has a clear opening of 4.80" (122 mm) diameter. Access Port is installed through a 5.52" (140 mm) dia. hole. Gasket, washer and mounting nut are furnished.

Required mounting hole diameter: 5.520 + 0.030 / - 0.015 inches.


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