BLD2713/13-24 - Desiccator

BLD2713/13-24 BLD2713/13-24
BLD2713 8g BLD2713 8g
BLD2713 6g BLD2713 6g
BLD2713 4g BLD2713 4g
BLD2713 2g BLD2713 2g
BLD2713/13-24 BLD2713/13-24
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Short Description

2g to 8g Molecular Sieve & Silica Gel Non-refillable Desiccator With Unified Thread


These desiccators can be filled with either silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant. They are designed to be used along side our range of Panel Mounting Humidity Indicators such as BLD1519.

The unit as designed to be disposable as they cannot be refilled.

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