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Protects from damp, corrosion, condensation and odours


DrySafe is a desiccant canister filled with 35 grams of silica gel, which can provide protection against the damaging effects of water on sensitive products. This easy to use humidity adsorber comes in a convenient size (80mm diameter x 15mm). The colour change impregnation of silica gel beads from orange to green, allows easy checking on the conditions of the desiccant. Once the disk turns to green, it can be reactivated in the electric oven and used again after it regains its original colour.

The kit includes 2 self-sealing heavy-duty polybags (small 8'' x 12'' x 350g and medium 12''x 16'' x 350g) where the items can be stored with the silica gel disk and stay protected for months from damp, condensation, corrosion and odours.

Silica gel is the most commonly used humidity adsorbent due to its versatility. DrySafe can protect mobile phones and tablets from damp, jewellery, medals and coins against corrosion and maps, books and handbags from mould, mildew and condensation. Drydisk can also fit in camera bags to protect lenses and camera equipment. In addition, DrySafe is incredibly useful also against the unpleasant odours emanating from the fridge.



  • Protects from damp, condensation, corrosion and odours
  • Contains 2 compact and portable disk-shaped canisters filled with 35 grams of silica gel
  • Comes with 2 self-sealing polybags in 2 different sizes (small 8''x12''x350g and medium 12''x16'' x350g)
  • The silica gel disk can be easily reactivated in oven when it turns from orange to green


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