Lithium reacts intensely with water, forming lithium hydroxide and highly flammable hydrogen. The colourless solution is highly alkalic. The exothermal reactions last longer than the reaction of sodium and water, which is directly below lithium in the periodic chart. The volatility of Lithium is well known and has been demonstrated to be faulty on a number of occasions as reported in the technical press.

Depending on the application Molecular Sieves Desiccant is effective in preventing the presence of free water and hydrogen to lower explosive limits.

Molecular Sieves Desiccant is available in many forms including both tyvek bags and various beads sizes.

Molecular Sieves Desiccant is ideally suited to adsorbing moisture desiccant along with a Zeolite to adsorb Hydrogen. Both Zeolite adsorbents are capable of operating at high temperatures of more than 500°C. The bead type of Molecular Sieves Desiccant offers some degree of flame suppression in urgency conditions.