Brownell manufactures a range of relative humidity indicators which operate from 10 to 80% RH.

50% RH is a typical relative humidity control level which is used in various industries to prevent the effects of humidity damaging products and components. Semi conductors and hygroscopic powders often require levels of humidity indicator as low as 10% RH.

Relative humidity indicators can also be used in conjunction with desiccators, desiccant bags and moisture adsorbers.They provide an indication of when the desiccant is saturated and requires replacement or recharging. Humidity indicators can also be used to monitor the relative humidity inside cabinets storing i.e. antique items where low and high humidity can cause irreparable damage.

A distinctive colour change of blue to pink indicates the transition of the relative humidity from dry to wet. Relative humidity indicators are fully reversible and will change colour when dried with a desiccant or placed in a dry environment for example a glove box.

Relative humidity indicators can be fitted in panel mounting housings for viewing the internal relative humidity of an instrument or system. Multiple level relative humidity indicator cards are commonly used to provide a better understanding of the humidity levels.