Brownell Limited have been working alongside Stream Peak International for several years by expanding into the asian markets with our complimentary products.

Stream Peak International have developed over 40 years of experience in the protection of packaging solutions covering various market sectors such as Electronics, Logistics, Food, Pharmaceutical, Power, Aerospace and Military industries.     

Stream Peak International have recently launched a new version of their website showcasing their product range, below are links to their e-catalogue.

Desiccators provide protection against corrosion, moisture, and contamination.

Immersion Breathers are used to prevent pressure or vacuum build-up in instruments or equipment subject to water spray or immersion.

Desiccant Breathers are often used to protect materials stored in tanks or drums from moisture contamination, Desiccant Breathers are used to dry the incoming air whenever there is air movement within the storage tank or drum.

Nitrogen Purging System maximises dry gas purging process to prevent the damage of equipment.

Protect and Transport your Electronics, Machineries, Packaging, Art pieces and Food damage-free with our extensive range of desiccants.

Pressure relief valves protect enclosed containers and equipment by releasing excess vacuum and pressure from a system.