The use and application of silica gel desiccant bags is prolific throughout industry for the protection of everything from cameras to cloths.  A standard size range of 1 gram, 3 gram and 5 grams silica gel desiccant bags are selected notionally chosen on size. The difference in unit cost is insignificant. Any application where the product is unsealed (handbags, wallets, briefcases, etc) the silica gel desiccant bag will be attempting to dry the environment.

Simply enclosing the product in a sealed polythene bag will dramatically changes the protection from days to months and beyond. Referring to the attached picture you will observe that even installing a large number of silica gel desiccant bags fail to dry the environment within the briefcase.

Protecting precision instruments and products against the effects of humidity and condensation is relatively simple. By packaging properly (keeping your product in a sealed box or bag) with a suitable desiccant bag provides product reliable protection.

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