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I got it wrong! How does the little silica gel bag do its work?

For years I have thought the silica gel bag inside a brief case, camera bag, hand bag, shoes and electronics protected these products against damage by damp and condensation during shipment from China and the surrounding areas.

Electronic Relative Humidity (RH) Indicator

Brownell has introduced an Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator as an alternative to paper and chemical colour based indicators.

Custom made solution to protect Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components from moisture contamination

Moisture Adsorbing Board is a sheet-form desiccant agent, which protects the components from moisture and acts as physical barrier between the PCB and the external environment. 

Pipeline Dryers and Gas Purifiers

Pipeline dryers and purifiers which, by selecting from a range of adsorbants, will remove moisture, odours, hydrocarbons and selected gases from air, gases and industrial processes.

Storage Tanks can breathe protected against moisture contamination

Brownell is back with the ideal solution to protect fluids particularly sensitive to moisture contamination, such as brake fluids and transformers oils.

Improving Silica Gel Reactivation

Silica gel desiccant reactivation is a common operating procedure regularly used and performed to remove moisture from saturated material. 

Preserve your motor vehicle whilst in storage

Cold damp garages can play hell on your precious classic car, whilst you wait for the sunshine to return!

7 Item(s)