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Transformer Breather protects oil and reduces maintenance

Transformer breathers eliminate the problems caused by moisture laden air being drawn into electricity transformers during their operation. These problems include a break down of the insulating properties of oil, caused by too higher moisture concentration. Moisture in the oil will then in turn contaminate the insulating paper in the transformer

Immersion Proof Breathers prevent damage to enclosures and instruments

Lightweight materials used in the manufacture of electronic products often give designers a dilemma. They either have to restrict the applications or to increase the strength of the enclosure walls. 

Electronic Relative Humidity (RH) Indicator

Brownell has introduced an Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator as an alternative to paper and chemical colour based indicators. 


New Pipeline Dryers and Gas Purifiers

Brownell has introduced a series of pipeline dryers and purifiers which, by selecting from a range of adsorbants, will remove moisture, odours, hydrocarbons and selected gases from air, gases and industrial processes.

Hybrid Adsorbent Polymer Protects Against Humidity and Moisture

Brownell has developed moisture adsorbing polymer with the versatility to be tailor shaped and fixed as a practical alternative to conventional desiccant bags. 

Desiccant Bags protect moisture damage

The use of silica gel desiccant bags provides an economic way to protect against moisture damage during transit and storage.

Panel Mounted Desiccators Give Assured Protection

Brownell Ltd panel mounting desiccators have been designed to protect all kinds of electronic and electrical equipment against corrosion, dampness and contamination.

Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer protects against humidity and moisture
Brownell has developed the Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer. This can be used as a practical alternative to conventional desiccant solutions for preventing condensation and corrosion within virtually any product or packaging.
Brownell's Summer Charity Quiz 2016

How many of the "Carry on Films" can you name from the cryptic clues.

I got it wrong! How does the little silica gel bag do its work?

For years I have thought the silica gel bag inside a brief case, camera bag, hand bag, shoes and electronics protected these products against damage by damp and condensation during shipment from China and the surrounding areas.

Eliminate moisture problems with Drydisk

DRYDISK is a compact easy to use moisture adsorber and humidity controller which provides increased protection against the damaging effects of water vapour on sensitive products. DRYDISK is the robust and practical alternative to desiccant bags, particularly suited for domestic applications.


Storage Tanks can breathe protected against moisture contamination

Brownell is back with the ideal solution to protect fluids particularly sensitive to moisture contamination, such as brake fluids and transformers oils.

Simultaneous monitoring of ambient temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint

Brownell has introduced the Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator as an alternative to paper and chemical colour based indicators, suited for more specific applications.

Desiccants can be mouldable

A newly developed range of products combines adsorbent desiccant with polymers, the possibility to have a "mouldable" desiccant able to be shaped in complex shapes. 

Custom made solution to protect Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components from moisture contamination.

Moisture dramatically reduces the performance and reliability of sophisticated electronic exposed to hostile environments. 

Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator

Brownell has introduced an Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator as an alternative to paper and chemical colour based indicators.

Molecular Sieves improves electric insulation properties

Molecular Sieve adsorbents which are capable of reducing potenially damaging moisture levels in products and processes to a safe or acceptable level and to maintain those levels.


Deluge Ultra High Flow Performance Relief Valves

Ultra high flow valves are suitable for over pressure situations in pipelines, storage vessels, equipment containers and safety relief applications.


Improving Silica Gel Reactivation

Silica gel desiccant reactivation is a common operating procedure regularly used and performed to remove moisture from saturated material. 

Splash proof breathers for equipment and enclosures

Splash proof breathers protect enclosures and transit cases from aggressive environments such as driving rain, water splashing and even jet washing.

Portable dry gas purging is more efficient & convenient

NEPS1000 is a self-contained automatic dry gas purging system. Dry gas purging of equipment improves it operational reliability.


Preserve your motor vehicle whilst in storage

Cold damp garages can play hell on your precious classic car, whilst you wait for the sunshine to return!

Maybe you haven’t killed your mobile!!

Many people will expose their apple iphone, samsung, or other mobile phones to much more water than they were designed to survive.

Before you throw that phone away it may be worth trying to “desiccate” dry your phone out

23 Item(s)