Indicating Silica Gel Bags

Envirogel bags are filled with indicating silica gel desiccant, that are made from an environmentally friendly moisture adsorbing material, impregnated with an organic dye to visibly indicate saturation/change levels.

Envirogel bags are manufactured from a clear uniphane material that allows users to visually check the condition of the desiccant. Envirogel is orange in colour when active and slowly changes to a distinctive green colour when approaching the suggested change point.

Key Features:

Envirogel bags have an adsorption capacity of 20 to 25% (by weight) at a relative humidity of 40% and an operating temperature range of -50ºC to +80ºC.

Typical Applications:

General packaging applications, electrical/electronic enclosures, communications equipment, mobile phones, cameras, bags, shoes and storage of clothes.

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