Shock and Vibration

Shockmaster® is a low cost, compact mechanical device which may be installed on delicate equipment to monitor excessive shock and vibration, thereby assisting in the detection of hidden damage. When a container is opened, following shipment, there may appear to be no damage. However, if the Shockmaster® is found to be in a "tripped" condition (with a bright red signal band exposed in the dome), it is evident that excessive shock has been experienced. Therefore, a thorough inspection should be made before accepting the shipment. After tripping, the indicator can be reset to allow the unit to be reused.

Shockmasters® are available in nominal ratings of 5, 10, 20, 30, 35, 40 and 50G's. Other settings are available upon request. The standard equal-G models respond equally to shocks along the longitudinal axis and in the transverse plane. The standard long axis models respond to longitudinal axis shock only - side or transverse shocks have no effect.