Moisture Adsorbing Polymers

Moisture Adsorbing Polymers provide an alternative to conventional desiccant bags and panel mounted desiccators.

Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB) is ideal for applications where space is limited. The board can be cut, punched or formed to produced specific shapes and sizes.

Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer (VMAP) is a polymer based adsorbent material which has been developed by Brownell. VMAP can be moulded and machined to suit applications where complex shapes are required to occupy the available space. 

Molded components are used in a variety of applications, including drug delivery devices, point-of-care devices, sensors, and various electronics.
The polymer material is very easy to mold and machine which allows low cost, and rapid prototyping.



  • Electronics
  • Airborne Sensors
  • Semiconductors
  • Medical Devices
  • Photovoltaics
  • Circuit Boards
  • Packaging
  • Optics
  • Computers
  • Sensors
  • Storage
  • Shipping

· Easily fixed by mechanical retention or adhesive
· Low dusting and particle loss
· Can be reactivated 
· Low cost prototypes 
· High adsorption capacity (up to 11% by weight) 
· Wide operating temperature range 
· Ideal for both low and high production quantities 
· Can be molded and machined to produce specific shapes

Adosrption Capacity: 9-12% by weight at 50% RH at 22°C