1Kg Non-Indicating Silica Gel

Non-indicating silica gel is commonly referred to as white silica gel and is a synthetically produced material made from silicon dioxide (SiO2). Non-indicating silica gel is used as a dynamic gas drying media for the purification of gas and liquid.

Non-indicating silica gel has a highly micro-porous structure, which allows the adsorption of water vapour into its internal pores, exhibiting an internal surface area of 800m2/g. Non-indicating silica gel has many characteristics such as the ability to adsorb 30% of its own weight in water vapour at 50% RH at 25°C. Non-indicating silica gel maintains its shape and form when saturated.

Humidity indicating cards can also be used in conjunction with non-indicating silica gel to obtain an indication of saturation levels by clicking Humidity Indicator Cards

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