1Kg Self-Indicating Silica Gel

Self indicating silica gel is a desiccant that protects sensitive equipment from high humidity and condensation. This visual indicator shows the activity level of the self indicating silica gel as the moisture is adsorbed in the air (orange) and changes colour when the desiccant has saturated (green or clear) indicating the need to regenerate or replace.

The reusable silica gel desiccant can be reactivated several times when saturated using a desiccant re-activation unit or reactivation can be achieved by heating the self indicating silica gel to a temperature of 100ºC (max) for 3-4 hours in a ventilated oven. Once the self indicating silica gel has cooled down the self indicating silica gel is reusable.

There are a number of indicating silica gel desiccants available in standard pack size of 1kg with a shelf life of 12 months. Envirogel is available in larger quantities of 5kg, 10kg and 25kg by clicking envirogel refills.

Self-indicating silica gel desiccant is suitable for the replacement of saturated desiccant in transformer breathers and vent dryers.

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  • 1Kg Envirogel®

    1KG Envirogel

    3-5mm Beaded (Orange to Green)

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  • 1Kg Envirogel Refill

    1KG Envirogel

    1-3mm Beaded (Orange to Green)