Ultra Clean Desiccant Bags

The range of Ultra Clean Desiccant Bags meets the needs of applications which require both reduced relative humidity and no dusting or product contamination.

Bags are constructed from breathable membranes which have filtration efficiencies ranging from 0.2 to 1 micron. The high vapour porosity of these membranes offers minimal restriction to the rate of moisture adsorption of the desiccant ensuring the relative humidity is rapidly reduced to a safe level.

An important feature of these Ultra Clean Desiccant Bags is the non-shedding ability of the membrane materials used. This ensures potential contamination is not contributed from the bag and the desiccant material.

The bags are available with silica gel or molecular sieves desiccant to meet the majority of industrial applications for controlled dryness for maximum product protection against condensation, mould and corrosion. They are also suitable for equipment applications involving high and low temperature exposure.

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    Ultra Clean Molecular Sieve Bags are available in a range of sizes from 2g to 30g