Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccators

Panel mounted desiccators provide protection against corrosion, dampness and contamination in electronic, electrical, telecommunications, computer equipment etc. These desiccators incorporate an humidity indicator, which monitors saturation and indicates when reactivation or replacement is required. They are blue when the desiccant is dry and turn pink when the maximum amount of moisture has been adsorbed.

A powerful adsorbing agent (either silica gel or molecular sieves) reduces the existing or incoming moisture to acceptable levels. The use of molecular sieve desiccant is recommended when the equipment may be subject to immediate failure as a result of water vapour condensation. The molecular sieve desiccant maintains an ultra low relative humidity for extremely sensitive applications. It is most suitable for applications where equipment or enclosures may be subject to operation at low temperatures and water vapour condensation must not occur.

The silica gel desiccators can be reactivated for re-use by heating them at 120 deg C (248 deg F) for four hours in a ventilated oven. The molecular sieve desiccators cannot be reactivated.

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