Desiccant & Access Ports

Desiccant ports are designed to accommodate desiccant bags for use in transit and storage containers. The desiccant bags are contained within a perforated basket and can be easily replaced by removing the external access cap. All desiccant ports are waterproof and easy to install.

Access ports provide access to dedicated storage areas within containers. Desiccant bags, tools, documents or accessories stored in these areas can easily be accessed through the port without opening the container.

Both types of ports may be fitted with a two way pressure relief valve and/or humidity indicator. The addition of a two way pressure relief valve can protect the container from damage caused by pressure or vacuum differentials that occur during changes in temperature and/or altitude. A humidity indicator monitors the condition within the container and will indicate whether the desiccant is active or saturated.

6 Item(s)

  • BLD8668/01-02


    Small Desiccant Port with Humidity Indicator or Valve
  • BLD8012


    Large Desiccant Port with Basket, Humidity Indicator and Two Way Valve
  • BLD8014


    Large Desiccant Port with Two Way Valve