Two Way Relief Valves

Two Way Relief Valves are designed for transit and storage containers but can also be used for electronic and electro-optics equipments. The valves have separate and distinct settings for both pressure and vacuum relief. Standard settings range from 0.5psid to 3.0psid reseal pressure. These valves are tamper-proof and require no field maintenance. On some of these valves a desiccant cartridge can be fitted to adsorb moist air entering an equipment or container. Most valves have a manual release push button to equalise pressure or vacuum differentials in order to open the container or equipment.

14 Item(s)

  • BLD8887/01-06


    Panel Mounting Double Differential Relief Valve.
  • BLD9314_01-05_3.jpg


    0.75 x 16 UNF Double Differential Relief Valve (With Weather Shield)
  • BLD9146/01-05


    1.00-20 UNEF Thread Double Differential Relief Valve.
  • BLD9132/01-06


    ¾" Thread Double Differential Relief Valve
  • BLD9215/01-06


    2.00-18 UNS Thread Double Differential Relief Valve
  • BLD9629


    M14 Thread Double Differential Relief Valve (With Weather Shield)
  • BLD6637/01


    M30 Thread Pressure Relief Valve (Polycarbonate)
  • BLD7047


    Unthreaded FDA Approved Two Way Relief Valve
  • BLD8405


    M25 Thread Stainless Steel Relief Valve