These standard Adsormats are filled with molecular sieve desiccant for the removal of water vapour. Alternative types of adsorbents are available to remove other harmful contaminates other than water vapour. Three sizes of wall mounted Adsormats are available to handle different storage tank capacities and discharge rates.

All three Adsormats have a removable desiccant container which allows the desiccant to be changed without breaking the breather pipe connection. The desiccant container is secured below the mounting frame assembly and can be easily removed and refilled as required by releasing the retaining screws. The desiccant container has a UV stabilised polycarbonate clear window with a humidity indicator card fitted. This allows the user to check the desiccant condition with ease. The indicator card changes from blue to pink as the desiccant material is saturated with moisture.

Standard Adsormats are fabricated from mild steel which is phosphated and powder coated to provide adequate defence against most industrial environments. Adsormats that require extra protection from highly corrosive materials or environments are available in stainless steel.