Bulk Envirogel Desiccant

Bulk self-indicating silica gel desiccant (Envirogel) is an environmentally friendly moisture adsorbing desiccant, the beads are impregnated with an organic dye to visibly indicate saturation/change levels. Envirogel is orange in colour when active and slowly changes to a distinctive green colour when saturated.

The moisture adsorption capacity as the colour change occurs is 12% to 16% adsorption by weight, the envirogel continues to adsorb to saturation levels of approximately 30% of its own weight in water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere at 50% RH and 25°C.

Envirogel should either be replaced or reactivated when saturation levels are reached. Reactivation can be achieved by heating the Envirogel to a temperature of 95°C (max) for 3-4 hours in a ventilated oven. Envirogel has a high tolerance to UV sunlight, high dust attrition resistance. The uniform bead size reduces gas flow channelling and minimises pressure drop.

Bulk self-indicating silica gel desiccant is suitable for the replacement of saturated desiccant in transformer breathers and vent dryers.

Envirogel is available in a smaller pack size of 1kg by clicking envirogel refills.

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