Non-Indicating Silica Gel Bags

Non-indicating silica gel bags are filled with standard white silica gel desiccant, which are synthetically produced from sodium silicate. They are non-toxic, non-flammable and a non-corrosive material.

Key Features:

Non-indicating silica gel bags have an adsorption capacity of 25% (by weight) at a relative humidity of 50% at 25˚C. Typical operating temperature range of -50˚C to +80˚C. As it adsorbs moisture vapour in the air, it remains physically unchanged in shape and size.

Non-indicating silica gel bags are slightly different from the indicating silica gel bags as they do not indicate when the desiccant has reached its saturation level.

Humidity Indicator Cards will provide a visual indication of the relative humidity level within the packaging or enclosure. This provides an important check to ensure that the desiccant is still active and whether it needs to be replaced.

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