Manual Relief Valves

Manual Relief valves are designed for use in small containers or cases, where automatic valves are not required. They provide various methods of manually equalising pressure or vacuum differentials before opening the containers. Each type is easily installed through a single hole in the wall of the case and comes complete with all attaching hardware. Some have safety wire protection features to prevent unauthorised opening of the valves. Recommended torque value for installation of all manual relief valves is 30 lbs/ins.

Note: Because it is visually impossible to tell whether the manual valves are open o closed, careful consideration should be taken of the potential consequences (continuous exposure to outside atmosphere if left open; potential damage to container if left closed) before selecting these valves.

4 Item(s)

  • BLD9021


    Manual Relief Valve (Exhaust Port)
  • BLD9732


    0.466-32 UNS Thread Breather Valve
  • BLD9732


    0.200-20 UNF Thread Breather Valve