Reservoir Vent Dryers

Reservoir Vent Dryers have been developed to protect storage drums and tanks during use and operation. As fluid is drawn from the reservoir or the air above the fluid is displaced by temperature variations, the air entering the reservoir passes through an active bed of desiccant which removes and retains the water vapour.

Three types of Reservoir Vent Dryers available, Industrial, Ultra Clean and Sentinel.

The Industrial and Ultra Clean versions are filled with indicating silica gel and each type is available in two sizes for standard and heavy duty applications. Both dryers are fitted with filters to reduce any particulate contamination of the stored material when air is drawn into the reservoir through the dryer. The particulate cleanliness level of the Industrial and Ultra Clean dryers are approximately 25 microns and 0.5 micron respectively.

Sentinel Dryers are filled with two adsorbents, indicating silica gel and activated carbon. The addition of activated carbon prevents the intake of hydrocarbons and stops unwanted exhaust vapours and odours being released into the work environment.

Two sizes of Sentinel Dryers are available for standard and heavy duty applications, with a particulate cleanliness level of approximately 25 microns.

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